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Auro, a versatile professional, seamlessly embodies two roles: that of an accomplished architect and a skilled 3D artist. His journey into architecture commenced in 2009, laying the foundation for a dynamic career. From the very inception of his architectural education, Auro delved into a diverse array of domains within the field, including but not limited to steel structures, construction, and innovative design. Concurrently, he seized opportunities to lend his expertise to the realm of cinema, contributing to the creation of captivating set designs that hinted at a promising avenue within his multifaceted career.

Throughout his formative student years, Auro exhibited an unquenchable curiosity that led him to explore various facets of the profession. This exploration enriched his architectural repertoire and allowed him a unique design process that drew inspiration from sources beyond the architectural spectrum. His creative approach amalgamated his architectural acumen and profound fascination with distinct artistic movements and influential creators.

Noteworthy collaborations with esteemed designers and producers punctuate Auro's professional journey. Notably, he joined forces with visionaries like Ola Alabi for Cold Laundry's evocative "Escape The Noise" campaigns, as well as Francois Rousselet and Benoit Roques for DIVISION, alongside contributing his talents to the creative realm of Jean Paul Gaultier.

In essence, Auro's trajectory narrates a story of an architect and 3D artist who, driven by an innate passion, has seamlessly intertwined various disciplines to shape a career as captivating as it is innovative.


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